Dell EMC

Dell EMC, a multinational computer technology company, has been a valued Supplier on the Science Warehouse eMarketplace for over 10 years.

Rob Dawson, Lead Online Business Manager for the UK explains why Dell EMC’s relationship with Science Warehouse is beneficial and continues to grow.

"You bring the customers to us and the system quite simply works! From the beginning, we have had good communication and we find that you make the relationship with our Buyers more efficient. Science Warehouse encourages Buyers to purchase electronically which makes our job much easier."

Rob Dawson- Lead Online Business Manager for the UK

Dell EMC

Long lasting relationships

Dell EMC went live in 2006 after a leading UK University registered their interest in having Dell EMC as a Supplier on their eMarketplace. The UK public sector had started to introduce the notion of eProcurement as a forward thinking way of purchasing. However, Dell EMC had previous eProcurement experience from working with organisations in various other sectors. Fast forward to present day and the Higher Education sector are now the forerunners in eProcurement and Dell EMC has more connections within Higher Education than any other sector they work with.

Professional implementation

“Setting up the CXML ordering was straight forward. Science Warehouse take the process off our plate so the Supplier doesn’t have to do anything! This saves our time, money and ensures there are minimal errors.”

“The Science Warehouse team are experts in their field, we feel safe in the knowledge that their experience ensures that we are in capable hands. Our partnership requires minimal effort, basically they do all the hard work for the customer! We do work with the NHS as well and believe that the Healthcare sector should look to Higher Education for an example of how eProcurement can be done well. Going forwards, we are keen to work with more NHS Trusts and Hospitals.”

The long-lasting relationship between Dell EMC and Science Warehouse has resulted in both parties successfully collaborating, making the implementation easy and hassle free.

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