Francis Crick Institute

The Francis Crick Institute is a ground-breaking medical research centre in London. The institute opened in 2016 to understand why disease develops and to turn new discoveries into new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses.

Further punch-outs for configurable items have been developed with Science Warehouse and offer significant savings. Hundreds of custom items can now be ordered via the eMarketplace and electronically invoiced; offering speed, reduced administration, convenience to end users, the P2P function as well as Suppliers.

Francis Crick Institute

Previous Challenges

• Data in disparate locations
• Getting the most out of Supplier catalogues
• Incorrect tax codes
• Viewing and tracking Supplier pricing
• Compliance and other end user issues
• Categorisation


Science Warehouse’s solutions interface seamlessly with the Crick’s Agresso system providing a rich electronic catalogue and integrated transactions hub. Over 1,000 users have access to the eMarketplace with exposure to a large product range, tackling end user issues such as compliance.

Science Warehouse has a background in Public Sector Research resulting in many of the key Suppliers already being on the eMarketplace. The Francis Crick Institute can review all catalogue items before they go live and make sure the information coming through the portal is correct, as well as keeping track of Supplier’s pricing.

Our spend management solutions have solved many of The Crick’s purchasing challenges. During the last year, nearly 40,000 Purchase Orders have been raised with the majority of them being matched successfully with an invoice.

“We have been working with Science Warehouse since we were formed after our legacy sites all came together to create The Francis Crick Institute. We embraced the fact that we had to find a new purchasing approach to match our new beginnings.”

Nora McFadden, Procurement Manager

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