Nursing Hygiene Group

Nursing Hygiene Group (NHG) are the only healthcare supplier to offer consumables, care equipment, care home supplies and care environment consultancy from a single source. They’ve been building relationships with, and learning from, the care sector for over 25 years. Having previously heard about the great relationships Science Warehouse has with their customers, they recently became a valued Healthcare Supplier on the Science Warehouse eCatalogue.

"Science Warehouse has helped to increase Buyer loyalty by making it easier for them to trade with us and offers improved contract compliance that we may not have had before."

Everard Payne- Group Business Manager at NHG

Nursing Hygiene Group

Benefits of working with Science Warehouse

  • Improved Customer loyalty.
  • Helps drive contract compliance.
  • Opened up new opportunities in key strategic markets.
  • Reduction in late payments leading to debtor days being reduced.
  • Full traceability of Purchase Orders.


“We like that we have the ability to fully manage our own eCatalogue and have taken it on as an extension to our own platform. If you don’t know how something works, Customer Support are helpful. We find the order process very straightforward, streamlined and the portal is easy to use. Everything is clearly laid out and our Customer Care team finds it simple to use.”

“During implementation we spent time to ensure that the data we provided for our eCatalogue was of a good quality, that way we know our Buyers can find our products easily and would have all the relevant information they require.”

“Science Warehouse provided NHG choice and support throughout the on-boarding process which included clear templates and user guides on how to submit our data. They also completed a data cleanse on our behalf. This was really important for us in that it made sure everything was accurate and would be displayed correctly on the eMarketplace and as a result Purchase Orders cannot be misunderstood.”

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