University College London (UCL)

UCL is London’s leading multidisciplinary university ranked 7th in the world in QS World University rankings. UCL’s excellence extends across all academic disciplines; from one of Europe’s largest and most productive centres for biomedical science interacting with eleven leading London hospitals, to world-renowned centres for architecture and fine art. UCL first implemented Science Warehouse in 2005.

"Science Warehouse has a proven track record on delivering substantial savings to universities as large as ourselves. The implementation of this solution has given our users an ease of online purchasing with set prices, rich catalogue data and selected suppliers resulting in a friendly low-cost marketplace."

John Feraday- Head of Procurement

University College London (UCL)


  • Driving adoption of procurement systems across a diverse academic user base
  • Reducing the costs associated with order processing
  • Ensuring all staff have access to the best deals offered by UCL’s preferred suppliers
  • Enabling all suppliers used by UCL
  • Providing a full end-to-end procure-to-pay solution


The Science Warehouse solution has been rolled out across UCL as part of the University’s eProcurement implementation. A single punch-out connection provides access to all supplier catalogues and also a single interface for sending approved purchase orders and receiving eInvoices. UCL has full control over catalogues and pricing as well as in depth reporting capability via the eReports module.

“Science Warehouse provides a common order-based purchasing process that drives adherence to contracts and visibility of spend,” says John Feraday, Head of Procurement.

UCL generated over £3m in efficiencies via eProcurement in a single year.

Invoice automation is essential to drive efficiencies and over 60,000 electronic invoices were processed via the solution in a single year.

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