University of Leeds

The University of Leeds is one of the largest higher education institutions in the UK. Awarded University of the Year 2017 and part of the prestigious Russell Group, the highly research-intensive university strives to create, advance and disseminate knowledge, develop outstanding graduates and scholars and to make a major impact on global society. With over 32,000 students, and 8,000 staff members, the University of Leeds has been using Science Warehouse Spend Management Solutions since 2001.

The solution is a powerful purchasing tool for all staff including researchers and academics but also provides procurement with essential visibility and financial control over spend.

Tim Brannon- Head of Procurement

University of Leeds


• Communicating centrally-negotiated deals across a diverse multi-faculty user base.
• Ensuring full budgetary control and commitment for every purchase order.
• Controlling complex spend with researcher-prescribed purchasing.
• Reducing administration and ensuring purchasing is efficient and people friendly.
• Automating the full purchasing cycle, from purchase to pay.


The Science Warehouse solution integrated with the University’s SAP system provides a user friendly front-end. It is an efficient way of ordering high volume, low cost tangible goods – a key requirement in such a research intensive university.

The solution is quick and easy for users, giving them autonomy but also the security that all their purchasing is fully compliant. Categories covered are as diverse as computing, furniture, office and science supplies. The addition of eInvoicing provides the University with an end-to-end P2P solution.

The system has generated measurable financial and efficiency savings. The automated PO process means that end users can create their own orders, leaving the Procurement Department to concentrate on more challenging areas of spend.

“The eMarketplace is a key component of the University’s spend management processes; it brings efficiency and control to procurement whilst providing the visibility to ensure that every pound spent delivers value for money.”

Tim Brannon, Head of Procurement.

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