University of Manchester

The University of Manchester was formed in October 2004, by the merger of the Victoria University of Manchester (established 1851) and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (established 1824). It is a member of the Russell Group of research-intensive British Universities. It has been ranked 7th best in the UK in the 2016 Academic World University Rankings and is the largest single site university in the UK.

“Adopting the Science Warehouse system has significantly enhanced the purchasing experience of users at the University as well as improving control of expenditure and contract compliance at a strategic level.”

Ian Jarvey- Deputy Head of Procurement

University of Manchester


  • Integration with Oracle ERP.
  • Enabling Suppliers.
  • Increasing efficiency of purchasing process.
  • Ensuring all spend is appropriately controlled.
  • Increasing compliance against preferred supplier contracts.
  • Ensuring all product and pricing data is up-to-date and accurate.
  • Providing visibility of contracts across the University.
  • Enablement of key Suppliers across all commodities for eProcurement.


Over 4,100 users have access to the Science Warehouse eCatalogue with exposure to products ranging from office supplies to complex bio-science structures.  The eMarketplace complements and integrates to the University’s Oracle finance system. The intuitive interface makes requisitioning and ordering of routine commodities a much simpler process. By reducing unnecessary human intervention in the ordering process valuable staff time is freed up and the procurement to payment process has been greatly simplified. The University has also seen associated benefits in terms of increased contract compliance, closer Supplier engagement and improved management of Supplier accounts.

“Introducing the eMarketplace has significantly reduced the transactional costs of ordering and paying invoices for items procured through the system when compared to traditional purchasing routes”.

In one year, the University raised over 56,000 purchase orders via Science Warehouse. Invoice automation is essential to drive efficiencies and around 20,000 invoices were processed via the solution with over £100k savings. The University also generated around £1.8m in efficiencies via eProcurement.

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