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Everyone has a story to tell about themselves, which gives you an insight into their character. The same can be said about our company, Science Warehouse.

Since our beginnings in 2000, we have grown from offering an eMarketplace in the Higher Education sector, to a company which now offers spend management solutions across many different sectors. We continue to invest further in our solutions and our people, as well as launching new solutions, with many more to come.

Read more about how our company started, how we have grown up and why our Vision is to be ‘The B2B Spend Management Platform of Choice, Driven by People, Experience and Technology.’


We've got over 16 years of it...

Science Warehouse has grown from a two-man brain wave, to a leading spend management solutions company that’s still expanding it’s portfolio of solutions.

SWL Australia

Leading the way in eProcurement

SWL Australia operates in numerous states across the country, has a large sought-after supplier base, and most importantly – has an Australian based team that are experienced in helping you meet your spend targets.

Industry Insights

Our team are here to share our learning and insights with you.

Time never stands still and neither does our willingness to find better ways of doing things.

Vicky, a Data Quality Administrator at Science Warehouse, describes how she supports

This blog will look at what a Buyer should consider ahead of choosing to auction

In our professional and personal lives, data seems to be at the centre of a maelstrom!

What’s lurking in your spend data?

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Science Warehouse is available on G-Cloud

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University of Manchester

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Hackday at Science Warehouse: Software engineers get creative

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Why your automated invoicing might be failing

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