Vision, Values and CSR

Our core purpose here at Science Warehouse is to provide cloud-based spend management technology delivered by a dedicated team who understand customers’ business needs, add value and provide an unrivalled level of expertise.

The Science Warehouse vision is to be the B2B spend management platform of choice, driven by people, experience and technology.

We would like to make a P.A.C.T

We have carried out and developed our company values for 16 years, so here’s our PACT:

We continuously strive to improve by embracing new thinking and new technologies.

We’re easy to do business with and we place our customers at the heart of everything we do.

We work together with our customers and deliver the best possible solutions for their challenges.

Adding value, delivering on promises and building strong relationships by expertise, experience and integrity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Science Warehouse recognises that we have a responsibility as a business to contribute to our community. We do this through supporting charitable initiatives, by focusing on reducing our environmental impact and by developing and encouraging alternative entry routes to the business.

Environment Policy

Science Warehouse is committed to achieving environmental best practice and integrating it within its business activities. As a service-based business, our operational activities have minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, our e procurement solutions are specifically used by our customers in the support of the delivery of “green targets” with programmes that reduce wastage (e.g. electronic documents replacing physical documentation) and greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. reduction of on-site supplier deliveries).

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