Not enough information on your current spend? We can help you apply some intelligence.

Spend data constantly accumulates every time an end user makes a purchase and if nothing further is done with this data, then it can become organised and inaccessible, making it hard to extract any real value from this information.

Understanding your organisational spend is fundamental to the success of any procurement operation. When you can understand who is buying, what you are buying and from which Suppliers at the touch of a button, then you can get real insight, gain control and can drive better buying decisions.

With our Spend Analytics solution, you aren’t limited to only analysing data from our solutions – we can include data from any ERP/procurement system, providing you with the full picture.

We translate data into insight to empower you to make smarter decisions…  

Our Spend Analysis solution provides instant visibility of direct and indirect third-party spend – giving you the essential information you need to implement procurement objectives that improve efficiency and help deliver cashable savings.

Our interface is user-friendly and allows you to drill-down into your data so that you can make sense of your data, at the level that you require. Our advanced reporting features are flexible and provide you with the ability to build reports to match your requirements.

Contract compliance is important and with our Spend Analysis solution, you are able to match your organisations spend against your contracts with existing Suppliers, giving you the ability to report on on and off contract spend, even if you have multiple contracts with a single Supplier. You are also able to analyse spend at a geographical level so you can analyse how much of your spend is with local Suppliers.

What’s stopping you from getting the insight you need?

  • Measure your performance

    Up to date information at your fingertips! Schedule reports, email or download information as required. Optimise your procurement.

  • Add some intelligence

    Multiple Data sources can be brought together, by line item spend, and by using Artificial Intelligence, we can add additional value to your data, giving you the ability to make informed decisions. Imagine 95% of your data by volume automatically classified and ready for you to investigate and finally make those strategic decisions that make a difference.

  • Our team is on hand to help

    Science Warehouse has experience across many different Sectors and works with many varied organisations, so we can bring our learning and experience to your organisation to benefit you. We have years of working with spend data. We also have experience of analysing millions of pieces of data on a daily basis – let us take the strain!

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Procurement functions are continually challenged by the need to implement procedural

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