Not enough information on your current spend? We can help you apply some intelligence.

As part of our spend management solutions, we can help you to get real insight into your spend through a range of pre-configured reports to help you maintain compliance and optimise your procurement process.

When you can understand who is buying, what you are buying and from which Suppliers at the touch of a button, then you can get real insight, gain control and can drive better buying decisions.

It is great to know what you are buying but is there a better alternative? We can also help you identify ‘product switch’ savings with a monthly report and even switch for you to get those smaller tactical saving wins. You can focus on the day job and leave us to manage the details!

Dive deeper into your data to achieve real line level spend classification...

Having lots of data, or data stored in multiple systems, can make it almost impossible for you to reconcile and have a single view of your overall spend.

Our Spend Science solution uses the latest Artificial Intelligence technology to dive deep into your data at line level and will classify and consolidate data across multiple data sources giving you the ability to:

  • Identify early payments, duplicate payments and invoice fraud
  • Measure Supplier performance, contract compliance and identify maverick spend
  • Identify more classified spend across your organisation and negotiate better contracts

What’s stopping you from getting the insight you need?

  • Measure your performance

    Up to date information at your fingertips! Schedule reports, email or download information as required. Optimise your procurement.

  • Add some intelligence

    Multiple Data sources can be brought together, by line item spend, and by using Artificial Intelligence, we can add additional value to your data, giving you the ability to make informed decisions. Imagine 95% of your data by volume automatically classified and ready for you to investigate and finally make those strategic decisions that make a difference.

  • Our team is on hand to help

    Science Warehouse has experience across many different Sectors and works with many varied organisations, so we can bring our learning and experience to your organisation to benefit you. We have years of working with spend data. We also have experience of analysing millions of pieces of data on a daily basis – let us take the strain!

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There are many great examples of procurement transformation that create tremendous

Here at Science Warehouse, we know a thing or two about eCatalogues having been in

Possibly a slight exaggeration, but when you’ve got access to an analytics solution

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