Catalogue Management

Can you be sure that the content on which you make buying decisions on, is accurate?

We offer a service to help you manage your in-house catalogues (Legacy Data) on your behalf, so you can be confident that your users will be getting access to the best possible data, providing them with a good user experience so you get maximum usage of the system.

We provide tailored solutions to meet all your required needs, ensuring that the information is stored back in a single source – making the entire process seamless and providing your users with a positive user experience.

One size does not fit all

Some managed catalogue services simply load the data on your behalf; we offer a tailored service to help you in the areas where you need the help most. So, for example, if your catalogues are in a bit of a mess, or you don’t have any real catalogue data to start with, we can offer a Catalogue Creation service to get you up and running quickly with clean, quality data.

If the day to day management of catalogues is an issue, we can take the strain here with our fully Managed Catalogue service. Allow us to enhance and maintain your catalogue, whilst offering you a monthly appraisal of where you can increase user adoption, drive more spend through the catalogue or take advantage of product switch savings.

As part of our Managed Catalogue service we can also offer a service to manage your contract renewals. Under agreed processes we can take the strain of chasing suppliers for contract renewal and uploading agreed pricing on your behalf.

  • Accurate data to give you an added advantage

    We validate and check Supplier information before it is uploaded. We also offer a Managed Service to Suppliers to ensure that what you view is rich and accurate so that you can make the right purchasing decisions.

  • Managing your Legacy data for you, so you can add value to your organisation

    We offer a tailored service to help you manage your in-house catalogue so you can spend less time checking data and spend more time on value added activities to support your organisation.

  • Supporting Buyers and Suppliers

    We work with both our Buyers and Suppliers to ensure that we have the best quality data, which supports all customers we work with to ensure you are getting access to complete information.

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