Connecting you and your Suppliers through our managed network

When dealing with many different Suppliers, it can become complicated to manage these trading relationships, as things might just work differently between them all. Because we act as a transaction network between Buyers and Suppliers, we take care of the connection so you don’t have to worry about it.

Our network is already integrated to many common ERP solutions and we offer multiple channels for eInvoicing such as XML, PDF and OCR ensuring that we don’t put barriers in the way of you achieving your savings.

We also provide a PEPPOL Access Point for both Buyers and Suppliers. We don’t just stand still, we continue to invest in our network to ensure we are ready for the future.

eInvoicing to meet your needs and save you time...

Being able to electronically trade with all of your Suppliers, irrespective of their level of eCommerce capabilities, can save you time which would otherwise be required to manually check invoices against purchase orders before issuing payment.

By adopting eInvoicing, you are not only reducing the amount of paper used within your organisation, you are also helping to optimise your supply chain.

Invoices can be received directly into your Accounts Payable system, reducing the administration effort that can be spent manually entering or scanning the information into your finance system.

  • Improve accuracy of information within your organisation

    Because Science Warehouse acts as a Transaction Hub between Buyers and Suppliers, we remove the need for data to be re-keyed, leading to better accuracy of information.

  • Our eInvoicing solution can provide a 97% match rate

    Save time with our eInvoicing solution, so you don’t have to manually check invoices, safe in the knowledge, that we have already done this.

  • Our technology continues to evolve so you don’t get left behind

    We continually invest in our technology, whether this is working with the best partners, or being aware of new industry standards which you need to adhere to.

Industry Insights

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Procurement functions are continually challenged by the need to implement procedural

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