Improve visibility of spend and retain control of your procurement process…

Every department within your organisation will need to buy products and services, and with responsibility for procurement or finance, you are looking for a solution which can help you manage and retain control, whilst also providing your end-users with a solution that encourages them to remain compliant.

At Science Warehouse, our eMarketplace can help you to bring benefit to all levels of your organisation by providing you with solutions to improve spend visibility and control for all procurement processes, as well as making financial settlement easier, by providing you with the ability to match invoices to purchase orders.

To further enhance the benefits that our eMarketplace delivers, we offer a solution to help you track and provide visibility on your eMarketplace spend data and activity. Buyer Insights is an included module that allows you to easily access and view your Marketplace information at a glance which in turn allows you to constantly evaluate your procurement strategy.

We also have experience of implementing customers using a range of finance systems including Advanced (eFinancials, e5 and OpenAccounts), Agresso Business World, Coins, Integra Financials, Oracle, Oracle Cloud, Peoplesoft, Technology One and SAP, so you can leave the integration piece to us.

Introduce an eMarketplace without having to change your existing ERP...

Does your current ERP solution offer a real eMarketplace? Most ERP solutions offer a basic procurement function with product catalogues. Where these really fall down is that they are maintained by you, the Buyer putting extra strain on your back office resources, and often don’t offer the level of functionality that is acceptable to end users in terms of detailed product information and usability.

At Science Warehouse, our eMarketplace can plug directly into your existing ERP environment, giving you access to accurate, Supplier managed data so you can regain control and deliver an effective spend management solution for your organisation.

  • Promote compliance through a better user experience...

    Our eMarketplace has been designed with your end-users in mind, providing you with a solution which is easy to use, containing over 28 million available products.

  • Reduce the risk of inaccuracies through not having to re-key data...

    We can provide APIs from our solutions so that we integrate with your ERP / Finance solution, saving you time which would have otherwise been spent on re-keying and checking data.

  • Reduce your spend...

    By improving compliance and having better analysis of what your users are buying you are in a better position to achieve spend rebates and negotiate better contracts, delivering real savings to your organisation.

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