Control spend across your organisation and streamline the purchase approval process…

Controlling spend across an entire organisation can be a challenge. You need a system that is easy to use to drive adoption and compliance, whilst providing financial control with cost allocations and budget checking. If your finance system or ERP does not offer something that is flexible enough to meet your needs you need to choose something that can easily integrate so there is no rekeying of data.

When it comes to workflows you want something easy to create and maintain that provides the ability make approval decisions based on data, analytics, previous approvals history, contracts etc so you can concentrate on value added procurement – not checking process is being followed.

Our eRequisitions solution meets these challenges and more with out of the box integration to our eMarketplace to help organisations control what staff buy, whilst providing an efficient purchase approval process so that you can maintain full visibility of spend and retain budgetary control.

An easy to use, flexible, efficient purchasing approval tool for organisations of all sizes…

When a member of staff makes a purchasing request, the eRequisition is automatically routed to the relevant approver, based on the workflows which you define.

Our workflow uses a modern drag and drop interface, which has been designed to provide a user-friendly and efficient experience which is flexible so that workflows can be set up to match your organisations approval process. We also offer support for Free Format and eServices orders as well as access to our eMarketplace. The solution supports multiple business units within an organisation allowing configuration to be flexible and providing you with the control you need.

Accurate order information out to Suppliers means the correct goods are delivered and more invoices match first time so our users can truly streamline the Order, GRN, Invoice process.

  • An efficient workflow process to support your organisation…

    Our customisable workflows enable organisations to process more efficiencies, with more spend types being able to be captured and controlled, whilst being easy to use.

  • Retain visibility of your organisation spend with a full audit trail…

    Our eRequisitions and eMarketplace solutions provide you with a single solution for your procurement process, giving you a full visibility of your spend and an audit trail of purchasing and workflow controls.

  • Streamline the purchase approvals process with our eMarketplace and eRequisitions solutions…

    We help organisations to better control what your staff buy, streamline the purchase approval process and maintain full budgetary control.

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