Managed Services

Our Managed Services offer additional support to help you get more out of your solution…

If you feel that maintaining product and supplier data in your eCatalogue is a significant drain on your resources, Science Warehouse can provide additional resource to help you manage your catalogue data. We can help to improve data quality for your users by helping to classify products so they are more readily found; we can also load in product and price files for you, ensuring that you have a consistent view on which to select the products that you want to order. This can lead to subsequent cashable savings as you are more able to compare like products.

Our Catalogue Savings Report – delivering more savings

Having an eMarketplace for your organisation, can help you to deliver better cost management, but this needs to be constantly evaluated to ensure that you can identify where additional savings can be made.

At Science Warehouse, our Catalogue Savings Report can help you to identify where headline savings can be realised so you can make necessary changes to your eMarketplace. We can also provide ongoing support to manage this for you.

  • Do you need to remove the strain from your team?

    Our experienced team can manage legacy data within your eCatalogue for you, freeing up your internal resources and saving you valuable time and money.

  • Struggling to digest the data?

    Our Catalogue Savings Report can help you to evaluate your current usage of the system as well as providing where further savings can be made.

  • How do we work with your Suppliers?

    Whilst working with our Buyers, we also work with our Suppliers to ensure the data they provide is consistent, to deliver a better buying experience for your users.

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