Tender Management

Save time for your procurement team with a central repository for tendering and contract approval activity…

Procurement functions are continually challenged by the need to implement procedural compliance with limited resources and to control the risks inherent in the procurement of goods or services that are critical to the successful operation of the business.

Tender Management helps provide that procedural discipline. It guides departmental Buyers through the steps required to avoid rushed or risky purchasing decisions. Also, it saves time for procurement teams and Buyers alike by providing a central repository of all tendering and contract approval activity and a secure portal for Suppliers to engage with to submit tenders and RFx responses.

Tender Management is a modular application which can support the whole contract lifecycle.

Introduce consistency across all tendering activity…

Introduce standard procedures for all tendering activity through the use of pre-configured templates, which can range from quick quotes to full-scale tenders. Tasks allow for automated reminders to be sent to the relevant user, maintaining a full audit trail and simple process to follow.

Your Suppliers benefit from a modern, clear interface for downloading documents, responding and uploading documents securely. Along with advanced data security rules, you can trust in the knowledge that the information is released to the relevant internal and Supplier user at the right time.

The evaluation process uses weighted scores, which can be completed online or offline, and uses the system to communicate feedback to Suppliers. Once an award decision has been made, contract approval workflow can be used to obtain final sign-off.

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  • Save time and effort with automated task alerts...

    Automated reminders are sent to the user the task is assigned to, allowing for all users, no matter on their level of experience, to follow the simple process from receiving an email alert to completing the required action.

  • Centralise, secure and version control all documentation...

    All documentation is kept in a single secure place, removing multiple documents being stored in disparate locations and ensuring that confidential information is seen by the right Suppliers at the correct time.

  • Ensure full auditability and accountability in procurement...

    Our solution provides you with procedural discipline and maintains a full audit trail of all completed activities, automatically updating the resource pipeline and provide you with a high level of transparency.

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Procurement functions are continually challenged by the need to implement procedural

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