Not enough information on your current spend? Or too much information and don’t know where to start? We can help you apply some intelligence.

Our out of the box reporting for Suppliers allows them to analyse their data through the eMarketplace across multiple Buyers allowing them to gain insight into spend patterns and trends.

We also know our Suppliers worry about their own spend management so we are now able to offer them our Spend Science solution to analyse in house spend and identify significant savings in their own business.

Dive deeper into your data to achieve real line level spend classification...

Spend data is generated throughout the purchase-to-pay cycle. In many organisations it simply accumulates and nothing is done with it. Usually the data is unorganised and inaccessible making it hard to extract value.

Our Spend Science solution uses the latest Artificial Intelligence technology to dive deep into your data at line level and will classify and consolidate data across multiple data sources giving you the ability to:

• Identify early payments, duplicate payments and invoice fraud
• Measure Supplier performance, contract compliance and identify maverick spend
• Identify more classified spend across your organisation and negotiate better contracts

What’s stopping you from getting the insight you need?

  • Measure your performance…

    Up to date information at your fingertips! Pull reports that enable you to forecast.

  • Add some intelligence…

    By using Artificial Intelligence on your internal spend data, we can add additional value to your data, giving you the ability to make informed decisions.

  • Our team is on hand to help…

    Science Warehouse has experience across many different Sectors and works with many varied organisations, so we can bring our learning and experience to your organisation to benefit you. We have years of working with spend data. We also have experience of analysing millions of pieces of data on a daily basis. Let us take the strain!

Industry Insights

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“As a Sales Manager, the account reports are great and from a manufacturer’s point of view, I would recommend Science Warehouse. There is no hassle with purchase orders and the website works well.”

Chris Wood- Sales Manager

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