eInvoicing & PEPPOL

Connecting Buyers and Suppliers directly through our managed network…

At Science Warehouse, we act as a transaction network between you and your Buyers, enabling you to send and receive electronic documents through a single access point, removing the need for multiple connections to multiple Buyers. This delivers benefits to you and your Buyers, eliminating the time that needs to be spent re-keying data and reducing the amount of errors that can occur – leading to increased efficiencies within your procurement and financial processes.

Our network is able to integrate to many leading ERP solutions, so you don’t need to change your business systems to realise the benefits. What’s more, our network also gives you the ability to send eInvoices to your Buyers, saving you time and money, whilst also encouraging prompt payment.

Connecting Buyers and Suppliers directly through our managed network, giving you the accuracy you need

We enable our Suppliers to receive electronic PO’s and to PO Flip to create electronic invoices so regardless of your level of eCommerce you can trade on Science Warehouse.  For more advanced Suppliers, we offer full PO XML and eInvoicing capabilities for even greater efficiencies.

We are also now able to provide a PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement Online) Access Point for Suppliers who need to trade via this route.

  • Save time and drive cost efficiencies

    Save your organisation time and money, providing automation for Purchase Order receipt and invoice send.

  • The network that keeps growing

    Having to develop your network can be a never ending job, so we manage the network and bring new functionality to your business, including enhanced eInvoicing and PEPPOL, so you can stay on track.

  • Improve accuracy of information within your organisation

    Because Science Warehouse acts as a Transaction Network between Buyers and Suppliers, we remove the need for data to be re-keyed, leading to better accuracy of information.

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