Managing Catalogues

Do you struggle to classify, standardise and enhance your data so that Buyers can find your products?

Producing the right data can be a real headache when requested for entry into an eMarketplace. Not having your information categorised correctly can lead to Buyers not being able to find your products and services.

At Science Warehouse, our managed service offers you the opportunity to benefit from our full range of skills and expertise. For Suppliers, that want to manage the eCatalogue themselves, our self-service option gives you the freedom and flexibility to easily manage your data in a way that best suits your business needs.

If you don’t have a Data Quality Team, let our team support you to ensure you are making the most of your listings

If you currently don’t have a dedicated data quality team or simply want to free up your internal resources to focus on other value add activities, our experienced team are here to help you. Whether you want to boost your search performance on our eMarketplace or tailor a service for your individual needs; our dedicated Data Quality team have a wealth of experience to make it happen.

  • Categorising products can be time-consuming

    Properly categorising items make it easy for Buyers to find your products and services. You no longer need to spend time formatting your data, simply send your product data to us in any format and we will do the rest!

  • Once uploaded, data still needs to be maintained

    As well as uploading product and price files on your behalf, saving you time and effort, our team continue to collaborate with you to ensure your data continues to remain accurate. Our team can upload product and prices files for you, saving you time and administrative efforts. It’s not just an automated process as we can also do a data sense check and can hide any products that you do not wish to be visible

  • Bespoke Consultancy and Categorisation Services specifically for your organisation

    At Science Warehouse, we recognise that every Supplier is different so we work with you to deliver a bespoke service. With a wealth of experience in UNSPC and eClass, we can offer a range of bespoke services which can be tailored to your specific reporting needs

“As a Sales Manager, the account reports are great and from a manufacturer’s point of view, I would recommend Science Warehouse. There is no hassle with purchase orders and the website works well.”

Chris Wood- Sartorius UK Ltd

“Being a contracted Science Warehouse Supplier brings additional access to the extensive and ever increasing number of users in our marketplace. It helps build relationships with customers by partnering with their chosen eProcurement provider.

The customer service offered by Science Warehouse staff to its Suppliers is excellent and enhances the experience.”

Nina Langler- Sales Support Manager

“Air Liquide UK Ltd has been a supplier on the Science Warehouse eMarketplace for a number of years and we have found this an excellent platform to supply our gas products to various sectors.  The system is efficient and we receive first class support from the Science Warehouse team at all times. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership.”

Kerry Holmes- Air Liquide UK Ltd

Staff from STP Office Supplies recently attended a training session provided by staff from Science Warehouse. The session was fun, informative and was tailored to our requirements with an agenda being agreed in advance. The eMarketplace has many tools for Suppliers and it has been very beneficial to find out more about those tools and for us to get the best out of our subscription. I would recommend anyone to take advantage of the available training.

Robert Stevenson- STP Office Supplies

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Time never stands still and neither does our willingness to find better ways of doing things.

Procurement functions are continually challenged by the need to implement procedural

On 25th – 27th March, Science Warehouse will be a sponsor delegate at the British

Advanced has today acquired Science Warehouse, a British developer of Cloud-based

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