Supplier Network

Benefits of being on the Science Warehouse Network…

  • Buyers have a single eMarketplace to visit rather than several different Supplier websites
  • All purchases go through a single controlled channel
  • Preferred Suppliers are highlighted, so off-contract/maverick spend is reduced and even eliminated
  • Hosted catalogues, PunchOuts or structured RFQs are utilised instead of phone calls, faxes and intermittent emails
  • cXML integration for orders and invoices – consistent instant order feeds on approval
  • Immediate invoice matching for Buyers means that Suppliers are often paid quicker
  • Product and service information, availability and pricing are maintained by Suppliers, not manually keyed by Buyers
  • Significant reduction in errors and downstream matching issues when the right product/service is purchased at the right price, at the right time
  • One formal business process to support many Buyers, instead of variable informal ones per Buyer
  • One channel to sell through instead of many erratic ones for the same Buyers
Customer Service / Account Management
  • Contract compliance and best practice
  • Cost and resource involved in procurement is reduced, allowing Buyers and Suppliers to concentrate on targeting/eliminating maverick spend and increasing compliance and preferred Supplier throughput
  • Suppliers and Buyers benefit from increased Buyer visibility, compliance to contracts, process efficiency, quicker payment and fewer issues/exceptions
New Business Opportunities
  • Procurement administrators are pushed towards the Supplier Network when they are looking to engage with new Suppliers
  • Increased visibility within a Buyers’ eMarketplace and searchable products and catalogues means many Suppliers gain new business from within an existing account
  • Suppliers benefit from greater visibility with new Buyers and the ability to be up and running quickly with new Buyers


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