Are you Getting Value from your Managed Catalogue?

10th July 2017


What is a Managed Catalogue service?

A Managed Catalogue service is a fully managed service provided by an eMarketplace provider, whereby they take responsibility for loading and maintaining both Supplier managed and legacy catalogues for NHS Trusts.

This can include the following:

  • Loading ad-hoc additions/deletions/changes to the eMarketplace
  • Monitoring data quality across the catalogue including standardising descriptions, adding images etc.
  • Providing a catalogue output file for loading into a Trust’s inventory management solution

As a Trust, what do I have to do?

As a Trust, much of the management is taken from your team, so you can continue to focus on value-added activities for your organisation.

You will be required to review changes, which can include updated catalogue files and pricing, so that these can then be loaded into the eCatalogue.

You will also be responsible for loading any output files into third party systems which will require these.

Is that where it ends?

With some Catalogue Management solutions that is the full solution, but at Science Warehouse we provide additional solutions as part of our Managed Catalogue service to further help Trusts.

Contract Renewals – we work with Suppliers who are coming up for renewal to collate updated catalogues, review their information and ensure they adhere to data quality standards, follow up with any who do not respond and load in approved catalogues.

Catalogue Savings Report – we also provide a Catalogue Savings Report which can also help to capture the following:

  • Move off catalogue spend onto the catalogue
  • Highlight departments which are not fully utilising the catalogue
  • Highlight where savings can be made from buying similar products
  • Highlight those products which are not purchased
  • Move spend to existing Suppliers

The Catalogue Savings Report can also be purchased as a stand-alone report, with an additional option to receive this on a quarterly basis.

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