eMarketplaces: why Suppliers should get involved

25th September 2017

Here at Science Warehouse, we work with our Supplier Community so that they get the best out of the eMarketplace, but what exactly are these benefits?


Suppliers can easily upload and maintain their catalogues on the Science Warehouse eMarketplace.

All orders from the same Buyer go through a single and controlled channel, meaning that errors are reduced and both compliance and efficiency are increased. This then helps alleviate any maverick orders which could result in errors.


Our Catalogue solution is multi-tenanted which means that you benefit from updates in technology as they are released and also means that you only need to maintain product information across Buyers once.

The electronic approval workflow, results in users having full sight of their orders, while digital authorisation means written signatures are no longer required. This means Suppliers can sell quicker, effectively saving time for both parties.

Science Warehouse’s Suppliers can receive orders and invoices seamlessly through the use of cXML. Orders are integrated into your back office system so that you don’t have to manually re-key the information. Touchless entry of your order results in fewer rejections, quicker payment and ultimately saves money.


Suppliers have more control over their catalogues as products and pricing are maintained by the Supplier (not manually keyed by Buyers), resulting in a significant reduction in errors and downstream invoice matching issues.


Science Warehouse provides advanced insights on your eMarketplace performance, from trends to market share, so Suppliers can gain a competitive edge.

We are continuously improving our reporting functionality to support our Supplier community.

New Business Opportunities

Science Warehouse Suppliers benefit from increased Buyer visibility through the eMarketplace, meaning our Suppliers can gain new business through an existing account.

Our new Supplier Onboarding Module also allows Suppliers to easily register on Science Warehouse; the fastest invite to registration took only three minutes and they received the first purchase order within three working days.

If you are a Supplier and would like to join the Science Warehouse Network – Sign up here!


Our easy, functional and straightforward solution means Science Warehouse Suppliers can be up and running as soon as they sign up.

Once part of our community, Suppliers can access Science Warehouse’s dedicated UK-based Support Team that deal with any queries and requests Suppliers may have:

  • Customer Support – general enquiries and technical queries
  • Supplier Accounts – dedicated Account Management for the Science Warehouse Supplier community
  • Data/Content Quality – ensures data and pricing is accurate and up to date
  • Implementation – our experienced team deal with additional features such as cXML ordering and cXML invoicing

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