End User Experience of Using the Science Warehouse eMarketplace

10th October 2017

Every day, over 4,000 people use the Science Warehouse eMarketplace to search for and procure items which they need for their role.

Whether this is a laboratory assistant who needs to purchase items as part of their research, or it is a ward manager who needs to buy items for patients, or it is an office manager at a university who needs to buy stationery for the team – the experience needs to be the same for everyone – they need to be able to search for and find the items they need relatively easy and then place an order.

We recently approached a number of end users to gather their feedback on the purchasing process and can share the following user stories.

On any given day, I spend between 30 minutes and an hour on the eMarketplace. I generally buy consumables which are used every day in our institute. Because I frequently order the same items, it is easy for me to see my previous orders and re-order from there.

Donna, Lab Manager, the Francis Crick Institute

I am very happy using the Science Warehouse eMarketplace. It helps me to concentrate on my research as I can order my items in seconds. I am happy that the University encourages us to use this system, it really is a huge help for all the Lab managers to save time to focus on research.

Gabriella, Lab Manager, University of Leicester

The overall purpose of my role is to provide a supply and procurement service, requiring the sourcing and purchasing of supplies, as well as maintaining stock and ensure all handling procedures are carried out in a safe and efficient manner. Every day I check the store stock transactions and re-order items which are required. I generally spend an hour a day doing this but as I have the catalogue numbers, this significantly reduces the time needed to source items. The advantage to using the Science Warehouse eMarketplace is that the order goes straight to the Supplier upon approval.

Mark, Stores Co-ordinator, The University of Manchester

I do most of the ordering for the Centre for Experimental Medicine. As the eMarketplace continues to offer an improved purchasing experience, I tend to spend less time in it as the Search is now accurate, so I can shrink the results easily enough and purchase what I require quicker. I recently had to purchase Adobe Acrobat and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I could buy this through the eMarketplace, without having to go looking for it elsewhere. As long as the product is on the eMarketplace, it is 3 clicks and it is ready for you to complete the order on P2P. The improvements since the system was first introduced have been great – the more Suppliers who join, the more useful it becomes.

Joe, Finance Office for the Centre for Experimental Medicine, Queen’s University Belfast

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