Finance & Procurement in Higher Education: Staying Ahead of the Game

Science Warehouse is an exhibitor at Finance & Procurement in Higher Education: Staying Ahead of the Game.

Finance and procurement professionals in Higher Education continue to confront new challenges as they adapt to funding pressures, adopt sometimes ‘game changing’ new technologies and business models, and strive for best practice to deliver best outcomes for their institutions and the communities they serve.

‘Staying ahead of the game’ means that universities and higher education providers are able to respond appropriately while anticipating what the futures might hold. With an underlying theme of Future Proofing Finance and Procurement in Higher Education, the conference will provide a forum to explore shared challenges, discover new technologies, learn from each other’s successes and failures and gain practical experience and insights into what it will take to transform work practices ready for the future.

The conference will be held at Bond University Events Centre on the Gold Coast over 2 days where topics such as finance transformation, category management, technology, sustainability, contract and supplier relationship management, and best practice in procurement will be addressed.

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Bond University Events Centre, Gold Coast
14 University Dr, Robina
QLD 422




12:30 pm