Get Better Insights into your Sales through the Science Warehouse eMarketplace

15th March 2017

What’s the problem currently?

Having the opportunity to promote and sell your products and services through an eMarketplace, provides Suppliers with a ready-made channel to reach Buyers – but do you take the additional step of analysing Buyer spend to see how you might be able to improve your offering and in turn sell more?

What’s the solution?

At Science Warehouse we provide a solution to help Suppliers do just this. It is called Supplier Insights and is available to our Supplier Community, so that you can create more opportunities from our eMarketplace.

I’m interested, tell me more.

Supplier Insights replaces the previous Supplier Reports module and now provides better visibility on spend generated through the eMarketplace, giving the opportunity to take and make sense of that data and use this when making marketing and commercial decisions. As well as including more functionality, Supplier Insights has a new reporting interface, which delivers a better user-experience. A dashboard is available which shows the high-level account view, with the option to drill-down for additional insights. New reports can also be created more readily, increasing the number and types of reports that are available for Suppliers.

How do you know what Suppliers needed?

Supplier Insights has been delivered specifically with our Supplier Community in mind, to enable them to continue to drive continued improvements in the products and services that they are able to offer their Buyers. Our Community has been instrumental in working with us, by providing feedback on the old Supplier Reports solution, as well as highlighting what additional Insights would help their organisation. The current solution includes many exciting new features, and we will continue to add to the solution in time, as we continue to receive positive feedback from our Suppliers.

To find out more about Supplier Insights, visit our Supplier Insights Page to find out more or speak to our Suppliers Team.

By Shaza Abdel-Aziz, Head of Supplier Accounts

Shaza has worked at Science Warehouse for 8 years and during her time has been solely focused on working with Suppliers to help add value to their organisations. Along with her team, they are responsible for onboarding new Suppliers, account management of existing Suppliers as well as helping Suppliers manage their content on an ongoing basis.

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