Is User Adoption holding your marketplace back? – Next Generation Search has lift off!

9th April 2017

One of the reasons Marketplaces and procurement projects fail is user adoption – if users can’t find what they need to purchase within a few clicks they will start to find ways around using the system and your maverick buying increases.

You also don’t want to have to spend time training users to use complex procurement systems so what is the answer….. ?

Next Generation Search – Goes LIVE

A significant investment for Science Warehouse and nearly a year in the making, Next Generation Search has been far more than an investment in the core search technology (now powered by Elastic and used by many worldwide organisations including Facebook, eBay, Goldman Sachs, and Microsoft), it has also been an investment in the user interface for Search further enhancing our ‘ease of use’.

We recently rolled out to over 1,000 users a Supplier maintained Marketplace with over 2m items with no specific end user training.

Comments from our initial roll out include: Better Search Relevance, Modern look and feel, More options to filter – GREAT JOB!!

You can read all about the launch and key features of Next Generation Search in our blog.

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