PEPPOL Explained!

PEPPOL – you’ve heard about it and you know it’s important! However, a simple Google search can’t even answer the questions you have about the brain-tingling PEPPOL standards. Science Warehouse breaks it down and explains exactly what it is all about and why they apply to you.

Pan European Public Procurement On-Line (PEPPOL) enables government organisations and private companies to exchange electronic documents over a European-wide network. Quite simply, it offers a connection for electronic ordering, invoicing and shipping. Adopting PEPPOL standards are important because they will improve eProcurement within the NHS and remove borders.

FACT: PEPPOL is not an eProcurement system, it only connects organisations together so they can do business electronically.

Why is it important to the NHS?

It is now mandatory for both NHS Trusts and their Suppliers to adopt PEPPOL standards. The standards must be used for electronic purchase order and invoice messages and are required to be exchanged through a PEPPOL access point.

FACT: NHS Trusts and Suppliers should select their own preferred PEPPOL Access Point provider to be connected to all organisations in the PEPPOL network and to exchange these business messages. Did you know Science Warehouse is a PEPPOL access point? Click here to see how we can help you become compliant.

NHS Suppliers

If you supply medical devices to acute NHS Trusts, your organisation must implement the requirements outlined in the NHS eProcurement Strategy. To see the dates you must do this by, click here.

It isn’t just the NHS that can take advantage of PEPPOL adoption. Any business that increases their use of eProcurement will generate savings. Be the eProcurement Superhero that enforces a restrictive electronic trade environment to create purchasing without borders!

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