Collaboration brings a strengthened product offering

Science Warehouse and Atamis partnership brings best of breed end-to-end procurement system to the public sector market

8th June 2017

Science Warehouse, a cloud-based technology company that provides organisations with spend management solutions has partnered with Atamis, a leading provider of spend analysis and contract management solutions in the UK. The partnership brings a best of breed end-to-end procurement system to the public sector.

Nick James, Managing Director, Atamis explains, “The compatibility of our own technology with Science Warehouse’s made the partnership a clear choice. Atamis traditionally is very strong on the side of the strategic contract cycle, conversely the strength of Science Warehouse lies in the transactional procurement, or P2P, cycle. What unites us is our forward-thinking, cloud-based solutions. Through our working together we bring to the market a strengthened, fully end-to-end procurement system”.

Philip Padfield, CEO, Science Warehouse said “Our partnership with Atamis is a mutually beneficial relationship, whereby each company has a very different client base. Through this collaboration, we are now able to reach out with our broader product offering to all our combined clients and the wider public sector market”.

Padfield continues, “Science Warehouse believes that best of breed software is the key to success in eProcurement – providing point solutions that are flexible in design and more closely aligned to meet specific organisation and industry requirements. We have therefore identified Atamis as a strategic partner to complement our solution offering.”

“Often organisations attempt to deliver eProcurement requirements through large-scale ERP system implementations. But these can be disruptive, costly and slow to get right – eProcurement requirements are highly specialised and require agile solutions, particularly in the light of changes that will emerge post-Brexit. They now have an alternative. Our combined technology provides a leaner solution which enables businesses to keep their legacy finance system and benefit from market-leading cloud-based solutions for both requisitioning and strategic sourcing. By coming together and working collaboratively both companies are stronger, and the marketplace as a whole benefits.” concludes James.

To find out more about Atamis, you can visit their website.

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