Science Warehouse Awarded New Contract with NEP Shared System Group

25th January 2018

Today, Science Warehouse announced they have been awarded a new contract with NEP Shared System Group for their eMarketplace solution.

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is a founder member of the NEP Consortium and has been hosting it for the past 15 years.

Since its formation in 2001, NEP has been predominant in providing a Shared System Solution that meets the National Shared Services initiative. The NEP Consortium was originally formed in order to provide a viable choice for those NHS organisations that did not want the cost of maintaining their own stand-alone system or did not feel the move to a full Shared Services model was for them.

NEP has constantly demonstrated that through collaboration, the NHS can provide leading edge technologies as good as any private sector organisation. NEP organisations continue to demonstrate to their Consortium colleagues the various possibilities of releasing funding for re-investment into Front Line Services by adopting best practice opportunities and utilising the tools that NEP offer to help deliver efficiencies and savings.

“NEP are constantly evolving to meet the needs of an ever changing NHS landscape. Our recent migration project across to NEP Cloud Solution, we can see that Science Warehouse’s eMarketplace more than meets the needs of our NHS Organisations and compliments and supports our solution. More over our partnership in working with the Science Warehouse Team over the years have enabled much greater features within the eMarketplace today.

It not only offers a good user experience, but supports the National initiatives around procurement. It offers much more flexible and meaningful reporting and monitoring features, and the ability to manage Suppliers easily. These are all really exciting enhancements which NEP offer to all our clients as an integral part of our overall solution, and we look forward to continue to build our Partnership further for the overall good of the NHS” said Christine Hall, Associate Programme Director, NEP.

“We are pleased to have been awarded the contract with NEP for another term and look forward to continuing our partnership with NEP and their Trusts. We continue to support over 30 NHS Trusts in the UK and provide an eMarketplace which integrates directly into all leading NHS ERP solutions.

Our unique Managed Service solution supports Trusts to meet their strategic objectives, giving procurement the time to focus on value added tasks and drive savings back to the front line.

We continue to work collaboratively with our NHS clients to deliver solutions and offer them the best value for money. This contract further validates our expertise in working with the NHS, helping them to meet their key objective of reducing costs to strengthen, and thereby enhance, the delivery of front line care” said Philip Padfield, CEO, Science Warehouse.

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