A Review of the Day

Science Warehouse Showcase Event – Australia

17th October 2017

On Tuesday 10th October, Science Warehouse held the inaugural Showcase Event in Melbourne, Australia. The event was attended by over 50 attendees, including Buyers and Suppliers and was organised for cross-sector procurement professionals to hear from those within the industry, as well as to provide some topical discussions.


ArcBlue Consulting

Daniel Fielding, Director was first to present and he spoke about ‘Creating game-changing procurement teams.’ ArcBlue is a specialist procurement consultancy and training group operating around the globe.

Daniel talked through ArcBlue experience in procurement transformation projects around the world and introduced a model for creating sustainable change through positioning procurement teams to activity drive competitive advantage for an organisation. Daniel argued that the role of procurement in many organisations needs to be re-positioned to increase the level of influence.

The presentation ended with a quote from ‘Meister Eckhart – The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake’ which encouraged procurement teams to back their judgement and really make a difference.

Science Warehouse

Adam Bowles, Head of Operations – Australia, provided an overview of Science Warehouse as well as their journey and growth so far in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

He spoke about the importance of data, but especially in terms of spend management and iterated that it can be a long path for organisations to see and effectively utlise decent data.

He discussed the evolving development themes which include the following:

  • Automation of time intensive actions and operations
  • Making key information available at decision points in the purchasing journey
  • Actionable insights – realise the benefits from data analysis
  • Additional integration points to enable enhanced data flow

He went on to discuss the importance of Insights and Analytics for Science Warehouse and their customers, discussing new solutions which are currently being developed including Buyer Insights, Search Analytics and Price Approval Insights.

Adam wrapped up by stating that there is a shift from cost focus to value focus, for procurement departments from our Buyer and Supplier customers.

The University of Queensland (UQ)

After a short networking break, Dr Harmony Rose, Category Manager, Lab Supplies & Services provided a case study on their implementation of an eMarketplace.

The University of Queensland (UQ) is one of Australia’s leading research and teaching institutions and is ranked in the world’s top 50 universities.

Harmony provided an overview of their lab supplies spend metrics in 2015 and some of the procurement challenges they were trying to resolve. A 2015 University-wide survey was carried out on lab supply procurement, which showed the most popular method for finding products  was via a Google search and that 91% of respondents would be interested in an eCatalogue solution.

Harmony shared UQ’s strategy targeting these key points:

  • End User – seeking to improve the experience for end users and save them time
  • True Marketplace – using the natural competitive tension in the marketplace for best pricing
  • Culture – taking into account buying behaviours, whilst also promoting compliance through transparency
  • System – looking for an automated solution which supports UQ across multiple categories
  • Process – deriving process efficiencies and providing rich spend data information

Harmony then discussed the reasons that led them to select Science Warehouse as their partner and shared some of the implementation lessons learnt along the way, which would prove useful for other organisations seeking to implement an eMarketplace.

UQ has now successfully rolled out to over 1,900 end users with no specific technical training. They now raise over 3,000 orders per month and continue to increase system usage month by month as they expand their category range.


Tony Feneziani, Head of Research Solutions – ANZ and Karen Wisniewski, Major Account Manager – ANZ Research provided an overview of Merck and their B2B business.

Merck is a leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science and performance materials.

They shared some key external factors which affect their research solutions including:

  1. Emerging Applications / Translational Research
  2. E-Commerce
  3. NHMRC Funding
  4. Customer Cost Constraints
  5. Streamlining Procurement

They discussed the importance of eProcurement platforms and likened it to a virtual shopping mall.

They then discussed some examples of their work with Science Warehouse, including integrated cXML ordering and eInvoicing , with the eOligos solution due to go live soon.

A Special Message from the UK

The day closed with a video recorded by Philip Padfield, Global CEO of Science Warehouse who shared his thoughts on the company, the Australia and New Zealand business and the growth and exciting future plans.

Helicopter Rides

Each attendee got the opportunity to be entered into a draw to secure a place on a helicopter for a ‘Melbourne City Tour’. The weather on the day was perfect and 20 people had fantastic views of the city.

The lucky winners are shown below.

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