Science Warehouse to Work with Victoria University Managing Their Laboratory Spend

11th January 2018

One of Australia’s leading universities, Victoria University, will be using Science Warehouse’s SaaS eMarketplace solution to help manage their laboratory spend.

The SaaS eMarketplace solution will allow Victoria University’s academics and researchers at its College of Health & Biomedicine and Institute of Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities to spend more time on research and industry engagement and save money as well.

The Science Warehouse solution helps users quickly find the right products from their preferred Suppliers within the eCatalogue as well as having a more automated and straightforward process for purchasing.

“We received a strong reference for Science Warehouse,” said Victoria University’s Procurement & Business Operations Director, Adrian Wong. “They have a local presence here and a comprehensive hosted catalogue supplier match, making the SaaS eMarketplace the best offering for our needs.

“Science Warehouse demonstrated they could easily integrate our Technology One Enterprise Resource Planning platform. They will be able to offer the support we need to deliver a successful eMarketplace.”

Philip Padfield, the CEO of Science Warehouse, said: “We are very pleased to be able to work with an institution that is taking outstanding efforts to meet the needs and aspirations of 21st Century learners.”

“This is a great opportunity to simplify Victoria University’s procurement process and help their staff focus on the areas that need it most.”

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