Teagasc works with Science Warehouse for the launch of their eMarketplace

23rd January 2018

Science Warehouse has today announced that Teagasc, the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority, has signed a multi-year deal to implement an eMarketplace for their organisation.

Teagasc is the Irish national body providing integrated research, advisory and training services to the agriculture and food industry and rural communities. Teagasc is a client-based organisation employing approximately 1,100 staff at 55 locations throughout Ireland with an annual operating budget in excess of €180 million. They operate in partnership with all sectors of the agriculture and food industry and with rural development agencies. They have developed close alliances with research, advisory and training agencies throughout the world and are continuously seeking to expand their international contacts.

Teagasc did not have an eMarketplace and were looking for a solution which provided them with the right Suppliers, products and prices for their end users, whilst providing the procurement team with control and visibility over organisation spend.

“With the Science Warehouse eMarketplace, we will now have a one-stop solution for our end users to purchase their items, from agreed Suppliers and at the best price” said Tom Cooney, Head of Corporate Services & Procurement, Teagasc. “We will be able to provide increased visibility of our spend and this in turn will provide us with powerful data which we can continue to review as we work towards our organisation spend objectives.”

“At Science Warehouse, we have a strong footprint in the public sector in Ireland, with a number of key Suppliers already part of our network so we were able to provide a good Supplier match for Teagasc as well as our new Onboarding module to add in any further suppliers that Teagasc want to trade with” said Philip Padfield, CEO, Science Warehouse. “Our eMarketplace is easy to use and our catalogue currently hosts over 28 million products so we can get organisations up and running quickly.  Our investment in our Next Generation Search means Teagasc’s end users will be able to find and make accurate purchases much quicker and more easily to save them time so they can focus on their day job, while the system provides the efficiency, visibility and control that procurement need.”

The Science Warehouse eMarketplace will be integrated with Teagasc’s Integra Financials ERP solution.

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