Why I slept rough for a night

18th March 2016

Last night, Science Warehouse CEO Philip Padfield slept rough in Paternoster Square, London alongside 16 other CEOs to raise funds for Action for Children. Phil tells us about his experience and why he slept on concrete for a night.

It was a cold night sleeping out on Paternoster Square but it was just one night and I had a choice about it.

80,000 young people have no choice. Thousands of homeless people across the UK experience this night after night for a whole host of reasons, often beyond their control.

As I joined 16 other CEOs and business leaders sleeping out in front of the London Stock Exchange, I gained a small taster of what it’s like to be homeless, in order to raise funds for vulnerable young people across the UK.

Unlike the safe and secure environment for Action for Children’s CEO Sleepout, uncertainty and danger are part of daily life for many young people. Whilst we had thick sleeping bags, insulated with foil, many young people shiver. After a night in the cold, we could go home to friends and family, warm beds and hot baths. That is simply not an option for thousands of vulnerable young people in the UK who come from broken families and lack a loving and safe place to live.

Action for Children works to prevent homelessness through crisis intervention services and family support. If, by sleeping rough, I’ve made a difference to just one young person, I’d be privileged to do it again.

Thank you so much to all those who supported me during the CEO Sleepout. Thank you for helping Action for Children make a lifetime’s difference to young people.

By Philip Padfield, CEO at Science Warehouse


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